Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) CALABARZON


Building learning communities in the whole CALABARZON Region that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing


LGRRC IV-A advocates knowledge management principles in the context of local governance and improves the capacities of public servants toward the attainment of inclusive growth and progress in our community.


LGRRC is a Local Governance Knowledge and Innovation Program that creates dynamic, facilitative, and strategic approaches to help and assist LGU needs through the creation of policies, wide linkage, and provision of capacity development that is aligned with the DILG and LGRCC stakeholders’ vision and mission.

Values and Principles

LGRRC IV-A highly values multi-stakeholder partnership and collaboration to achieve its Vision and Mission. It acknowledges and recognizes the importance of providing quality service to its clientele through the application of numerous knowledge management strategies.

Services and Products
LGRRC IV-A has the capability to provide capacity building for local government units and other stakeholders such as the basic orientation on the roles and responsibilities of the newly-elected local and barangay officials, enhancement trainings on various facets of governance – (1) administrative; (2) economic; (3) social and (4) environmental governance...

LGRRC IV-A provides avenues for effective coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders through the conduct of conferences, meetings, and forums to discuss relevant issues and concerns that may hinder the delivery of quality service to its clientele.

As a physical facility, LGRRC IV-A maintains libraries and knowledge product corners as repositories of valuable knowledge materials that may be used for research development and references in cognizance of its role as the promoter of a culture of learning and continuous capacity enhancement. In addition, LGRRC IV-A has the capacity to produce newsletters, manuals, modules, brochures, flyers, and other publications.

As a virtual facility, LGRRC IV-A maintains the DILG-LGRRC website, www.calabarzon.dilg.gov.ph, performing the following functions:

  1. publishing tool that promotes all LGRRC activities;
  2. marketing tool that publicizes its services and products;
  3. work tool that allows the exchange of information with all stakeholders.

The website displays all activities of the Department as well as the programs, projects, activities, and updates of the LGRRC-MSAC. It also provides e-books and other e-references that may be downloaded by clients and visitors. A variety of knowledge products and materials are compiled in the LGRRC Menu under the e-library corner. The website is maintained and regularly updated by the Social Media Team in the Region and the Provinces.

LGRRC IV-A maximizes the use of computer-mediated tools through its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The use of social media promotes real-time reporting of updates and other relevant information to the public.

To introduce and popularize its products and services, an LGRRC booth/standee shall be set up during major activities within the Region. Links of MSAC members in the DILG LGRRC website will also be instituted. This will showcase various knowledge products and services provided.