Yes, you have the option to not register to the E-Library if you just want to look around the website. However, if you want to avail an expert's service, you will be required to register and log-in so we can contact you.
You may check our MSAC Section and click the website link of the MSAC Partner you wish to get in touch with. Their website usually has contact details where you can send your queries. You may also send it to us through, cc and we'll link you to the said MSAC Partner.
The LGRC covers a wide variety of activities that they launch in collaboration with its partners and in response to the current demands of LGUs and clients.Capacity-Building Activities - These are activities directed at improving the competencies, skills, and knowledge of our LGUs and other clients. These activities come in the form of forums, webinars/seminars, trainings, orientation, roll-outs, coaching, etc. Resources needed are usually pooled by the MSAC partners involved. Monitoring and Evaluation Activities - These activities assess the impact and effectiveness of current projects and programs being conducted by the LGRC/MSAC. This involves research, brainstorming, consultative sessions, and feedbacking from end-users. Public Education on Good Governance - These are activities that focus on involving/informing the public on good governance best practices and opportunities. Knowledge products on various Projects, Programs, and Activities (PPAs)Implementation are also being created, produced, and disseminated with the participation of MSAC Partners. Socio-civic activities - Though not the LGRC's primary focus, the LGRC also engages in socio-civic activities such as clean-up drives, feeding programs, and donation drives which ultimately contributes to the overall-goal of influencing excellence in good governance.
Interested groups and organizations may signify their interest through an official communication and send it to; CC
The Multi-Sectoral Advisory Committee is welcome to public and private organizations and groups who share the same vision and intention as that of the LGRC - that is promoting excellence in local governance.
If you are requesting an expertise of our in-house experts, you may do so by clicking the Directory section and the particular expert you want to engage with. Other inquiries and requests may be sent through our official e-mail address and CC
* Capacity Development - serves as the venue to deliver quality, strategic and responsive capacity development* Multi Media, Knowledge and Information - ensures that key players and prime movers in local governance must collectively articulate policies in building a culture that encourage learning and sharing of information and knowledge in promoting excellence in local governance* Linkage - mediator between the LGUs and other local government stakeholders initiatives like Replication of Best Practices, SGLG, BuB and Local Planning and Development Mechanisms* Public Education and Good Governance, Development and Citizenship - the promotion body of good governance, practices and innovations
To promote a culture of learning and knowledge sharing in pursuit of sustainable development through excellence in local governance
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